Which Industries Use Barite As A Raw Material

Recently, oil prices have started a new round of increases. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic in 2019 on the global oil consumption of the oil industry, it is estimated that global oil consumption will reach a peak of 4.87 billion tons by 2030; in the next 3 to 5 years, global oil production will exceed Demand, the situation of oversupply in the global oil market will continue.

It is reported that barite is currently the most ideal weighting agent. According to statistics, a well consumes one ton of barite powder every 30 meters drilled, so the consumption is relatively large, accounting for almost half of the output of barite powder.

Barite is a sulfuric acid mineral of barium, and its main composition is barium sulfate (BaSO4). As an important non-metallic raw material mineral, it has the advantages of insoluble in water, high density, good filling, non-toxic, and easy to absorb radiation. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, building materials, medicine and other industries.

The Role Of Barite In Oil Drilling

In the process of oil drilling, the function of the circulating mud is mainly to prevent the spontaneous blowout of the oil well through the control of the temperature of the bit and the cleaning of the bit debris. This is because the circulating mud can better take away the bit in the cutting process. The generated debris plays a role in the lubrication of the drill pipe that closes the hole wall. However, in special circumstances, and when the circulating mud is difficult to balance with the underground oil and gas pressure, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of barite powder to the drilling fluid to increase the mixing density of the circulating mud, so that in the case of high formation pressure It can also regulate drilling.

Barite-based Polymer Materials

As a filler, barite is added to the polymer. Generally, it is treated by ultra-fine modification process. The modified barite has good compatibility with the polymer material and can be uniformly dispersed in the matrix material to form an inorganic/organic Composite materials. Barite has the characteristics of low cost, easy mining, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light resistance, etc. Therefore, adding it to rubber materials can reduce the shrinkage of rubber materials and improve the dimensional stability and rigidity of the materials. , Thereby increasing the scope of application of rubber materials; on the other hand, adding to rubber materials as fillers can increase the added value of barite and reduce the cost of rubber materials.

Barite Anti-radiation Material

When neutrons interact with the nuclei of matter, elastic radiation (n, n), inelastic scattering (n, n'), multiplication reactions (n, 2n), emission of charged particles (n, α), and radiation capture (n, γ) and many other reaction forms, in order to clearly describe the probability of each reaction, the researchers introduced the concept of reaction cross section to express. Among them, the barium element with extremely high neutron inelastic cross section can shield neutrons very well, which directly promotes the application of barite cement-based materials in neutron shielding and protection projects.

Barite-based Composite Conductive Material

Barite is a natural white extender pigment. It uses barite as the core material and doped and modified SnO2 as the coating layer to make light-colored conductive pigments, which can significantly increase the added value of barite and The use value also expands the scope of application of barite.

Xia Hua of China University of Geosciences used barite powder as the core material to prepare light-colored conductive pigments. Under the conditions of pH 2.0 and temperature 40°C, a certain concentration of SnCl2 was added dropwise to the barite suspension. , SnCl4 and NH4F hydrochloric acid mixture, in order to keep the dissolved pH constant, while adding a certain concentration of NaOH solution, after the mixture is dripped, continue to stir for 30 minutes, filter, wash and dry, and at 300 ℃ After firing for 1 hour, a white conductive pigment with a resistivity of 7.7Ω•m was obtained. Tests show that the pigment has ideal appearance, color and conductivity, and has high application value.

Barium-containing Compound Raw Materials

Barite is an important mineral resource for the production of barium. Barium-containing ferrosilicon alloy has excellent physical and chemical properties. In the process of steel production and casting, barium-containing ferrosilicon alloy formed by adding barium can significantly improve the quality of steel. At present, bulk barite is mainly used as raw material and placed in a submerged arc furnace to mass-produce barium-containing ferrosilicon alloy by a continuous carbothermic reduction process.

Adsorption Material For Heavy Metal Ions In Water Environment

Dissolvable toxic metal ions have caused serious pollution to the environment in recent years, and the removal of toxic metal ions is one of the effective means to improve environmental problems.

Manuel Prieto et al. studied the removal of chromium ions in water by the compound formed by barite particles and silica hydrogel. The structure of artificial porous media is formed by embedding barite sand into silica hydrogel, which inhibits the inter-liquid structure. Convection and advection are exchanged only through diffusion. The study uses the net flux of hexavalent chromium ions to quantitatively determine the interaction ability of barite to chromium ions.

Barite Inorganic Composite Pigment

Barite has high whiteness and stable properties. As a core material compounded with titanium dioxide, it can effectively solve the easy agglomeration characteristics of titanium dioxide and improve the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide. At the same time, it can be used as a coating instead of titanium dioxide.

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