Which Kind Of Grinding Mill Is Suitable For Slag

SBM LM vertical mill can be used for grinding slag. Usually, vertical mill for cement and concrete production in the construction industry can meet production requirements.

LM vertical mill has high grinding efficiency and low energy consumption, which is 40-50% lower than that of ball mill. Single machine production capacity, can use the valley power. The grinding roller can be turned out of the machine by hydraulic device. It has a large maintenance space for replacing the roller liner and grinding machine, which is very convenient for maintenance.

The roller sleeve can be turned over to prolong the service life of the wear-resisting material. There is no need to cloth on the grinding disc before starting up, and the mill can start without load to avoid the trouble of starting up; Low attrition, special material is used for lining of grinding roller and grinding disc, long service life.The whole LM vertical mill system has low vibration and low noise.

The whole system is sealed and operated under full negative pressure with no dust spilt, which can basically achieve a dust-free workshop. Vertical grinding technology and equipment is a new energy saving and consumption reducing technology advocated by China, which is conducive to improving the competitive strength of enterprises in the region and even in the powder industry in China.

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