Vertical Roller Mill Or Ball Mill For Powder Processing

Vertical mill and ball mill is ideal choices for processing powder mill. Both have strong competitiveness because they can be used to process fine powders. 

In addition to producing fine powders, vertical mill is also equipment for processing ultra-fine powders. Ball mill is also available. The machine for producing coarse powder can be seen from the perspective of the fineness of the finished product. The grinding capacity of the vertical mill is stronger than that of the ball mill, but the impact consumption is less than the ball mill.

Vertical Roller Mill VS Ball Mill

Choose Vertical Mill Or Ball Mill

It can be seen from the difference between vertical mills and ball mills, both of which have their own advantages and are welcomed and welcomed by different users. Different users have different budgets for equipment purchases and different ranges of price acceptance.

The price of ball mills at the early stage is cheaper and simple. Easy to understand, easy to use and operate, and large production capacity;
vertical mill not only can provide users with efficient and energy-saving production and material handling processes, but also play a certain role in environmental protection. Easy to maintain and maintain, but its one-time cost investment is relatively high, and it does not have an advantage in terms of price at the time of purchase.

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