Limestone Used In Power Plant Desulfurization

At present, there are dozens of types of flue gas desulfurization technologies. According to whether water is added in the desulfurization process and the dry and wet form of the desulfurization products, flue gas desulfurization is divided into three types: wet, semi-dry, and dry desulfurization processes. Among them, the wet desulfurization technology is relatively mature, high in efficiency and simple in operation.

No matter what kind of desulfurization method is used, there is an important substance that is indispensable, that is limestone powder.

The main components of limestone powder, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and sulfur dioxide, will produce solid calcium sulfate and carbon dioxide at high temperatures, thereby solving the problem of sulfur dioxide pollution. Therefore, limestone powder has become a rigid demand in the thermal power generation industry.

In the field of power plant desulfurization, SBM has maintained close cooperation with major power plants to create high-quality limestone powder production lines, which have been widely recognized and praised by customers, and have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection.

200,000 Tons/Year Desulfurizer Preparation Production Line

MTW Mill In Power Desulfurization Project

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