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Environmental Protection Limestone Desulfurization In Power Plants

In recent years, a large amount of sulfur dioxide emissions have caused huge pollution to the atmospheric environment. Desulfurization in power plants and steel mills is particularly important and urgent. Limestone flue gas desulfurization is a commonly used flue gas desulfurization technology. It mainly uses limestone to remove sulfur dioxide in the flue gas, and the desulfurization efficiency can reach more than 90%. In this process, Heavy Industry MTW series European version mill plays an important role.

Ground Calcium Carbonate Processing

Heavy calcium carbonate is a powder product of calcite, limestone, marble, etc. that has been mechanically crushed and ground to a certain degree of fineness. It is an excellent filler and performance improver. Based on more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of mills, Heavy Industry launched the MTW European version of the mill to overcome the technical problems of high energy consumption, low output and high pollution in domestic heavy calcium carbonate processing equipment.

Large-scale Non-metallic Ore Milling

The utilization of non-metallic minerals mainly depends on the degree of deep processing, and effective grinding is the prerequisite and guarantee for various deep processing. Heavy Industry absorbs domestic and foreign technology and combines many years of experience in mill manufacturing. After years of painstaking design and improvement, the MTW European version of the mill is professionally suitable for the grinding and processing of non-metallic minerals.

Preparation Of Pulverized Coal And Petroleum Coke

As an important energy source, coal is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, heating, heating, boilers and other industries with excellent fuels. For the related equipment and technology of clean coal preparation, Heavy Industry MTW series European version pulverizer can be used. The bevel gear is driven as a whole, and the three major transmission systems are all lubricated by thin oil, with small footprint, small investment, quick results, convenient maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection.

Special Material Grinding

In recent years, the grinding and processing of special materials such as slag powder, slag, and water slag has attracted more and more attention. For example, concrete mixed with slag powder can significantly improve the overall performance of concrete and win good economic benefits for customers. The MTW European version of the mill has mature technology and stable performance, which can be deeply applied to this field and become a powerful helper for your grinding process.

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