Factors That Can Affect The Capacities Of Grinding Mill

1.Wear of grinding roller and grinding ring 

The grinding roller and grinding ring are in direct contact with the material during the production process, so varying degrees of wear will occur during the grinding process. Once the grinding roller and grinding ring are severely worn, the fineness of the equipment will be affected.

2.Damage to the impeller of the analyzer

During the material grinding process, the blades of the analysis machine of the Raymond mill are severely worn, which causes the fineness of the material after grinding to become coarse, which affects the quality of the grinding powder. In addition, severe wear of the blades of the analyzer will affect the overall performance of the equipment, thereby reducing equipment use time.

3.The opening height and size of the classifier

During the installation of the Raymond mill, the improper adjustment of the size of the opening of the classifier will affect the work of the mill and the fineness of the mill. Therefore, during the installation and production process of the Raymond mill, it is necessary to pay attention to checking the opening size and height setting of the classifier.

4.The hardness of the raw material

For materials with different hardness, the hardness directly affects the grinding difficulty and the grinding particle size of the Raymond mill, so the harder the material, the greater the grinding degree. In the process of using the Raymond mill, reasonable materials should be used to ensure the uniformity of the size of the materials and the fineness of the powder.

5.Motor failure

The main reason is that the temperature is too high, causing damage to the motor. In addition, insufficient bearing oil, dirt in the bearing, motor overload, etc. will cause the motor failure of the mill.

6.Failure of the screw conveyor

Due to the excessive feeding, the transmission belt slips, etc., the output is reduced, and the worn teeth need to be repaired. If the temperature is high, the mill needs to loosen the grinding roller. If the temperature is high, it will stop to dissipate heat.

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