This Kind Of Maintenance Of The Pulverizer Can Extend The Service Life

Pulverizers are commonly used equipment in the industrial milling field. Recently, many customers have inquired about how to maintain the mills and prolong their service life. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the maintenance method of the mill.

1. Installation And Debugging Of The Mill

The pulverizer should be kept properly before installation. The exposed surface must be coated with anti-rust grease, and avoid sun and rain to prevent the body from getting rusty and water. A maintenance system must be established.

The foundation of the mill should have sufficient height and installation position according to the size of the installation foundation drawing. The foundation should be made of high-standard cement and must be buried with steel bars before it can be poured. Conduit or cable trench should be buried. After the foundation is poured, there must be a 15-day maintenance period.

2. The Operation Points Of The Mill

Differential Pressure

The stability of the pressure difference of the mill is very important to the normal operation of the entire mill system. The size of the pressure difference can reflect the amount of material in the mill. The operator can understand the situation in the mill by observing the pressure difference. The change of pressure difference mainly depends on the feed volume, grinding pressure and ventilation volume. When the pressure difference changes, first check whether the material at the batching station is stable, and then change the grinding pressure, ventilation and water spray to ensure the normal operation of the vertical mill.


The main reasons for the vibration of the mill are the feeding amount and characteristics of the material (particle size, grindability), grinding pressure, pressure difference, system temperature, the hydraulic system of the grinding roller, the wear condition of the grinding roller or the grinding disc and other factors.

Grinding Material Fineness

By changing the grinding pressure, the speed of the separator, the feeding volume and the ventilation volume, the fineness of the grinding material from the grinding machine is controlled. If the grinding material is too fine, increase the grinding pressure, reduce the ventilation or reduce the material feed rate to control; if the grinding material is too fine, adjust it in the opposite way. Generally, it is more convenient and effective to adjust the fineness of the grinding material from the mill by adjusting the speed of the separator.

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This Kind Of Maintenance Of The Pulverizer Can Extend The Service Life

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