How To Choose Raymond Mill Lubricating Oil

1. During the production process of Raymond mill, the equipment will be affected due to seasonal changes. The temperature difference between summer and winter is relatively large, and the viscosity change of lubricating oil needs to be small. In summer, when the temperature is high, the viscosity becomes low, and a lubricating protective film cannot be formed, and the original lubrication effect is not achieved. When the viscosity is high at low temperatures, it will be difficult to start and run. Therefore, the viscosity of lubricating oil should be selected through actual inspection.

2. Due to the relatively small volume of the fuel tank of the Raymond mill, sometimes the amount of lubricating oil loaded is small, and the temperature measurement may increase when the equipment is running. Therefore, when buying lubricating oil, you should choose a lubricating oil with good thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

3. During the stoppage of the Raymond mill, if it is placed in a damp or exposed place, it is easy to rust, you must take the lubricating oil to prevent rust, but the lubricating oil should not be taken lightly, and the lubricating oil will also occur after a long time. Spoiled. In this case, the lubricating oil needs to have relatively strong anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-emulsification properties. On this basis, the basic properties of the lubricating oil cannot be changed significantly, and the sensitivity to pollution should be smaller The better.

4. During the production process of Raymond mill equipment, because it is a rolling and grinding movement, sometimes the temperature of the accessories will inevitably rise, and too high temperature will make the accessories of the mill more easily damaged, so you must choose flame resistance High lubricating oil, lubricating oil should be appropriate when used.

5. If the equipment lubricating oil is added too much, it will reduce the original cleaning and anti-wear ability of the lubricating oil, and will also form a large amount of greasy and dirt carbon deposits. In severe cases, it will affect the service life and work efficiency of the equipment, so it must be Add lubricating oil in strict accordance with the specified amount.

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