Project Case Of Grinding Mill Used In Non-metallic Mineral

As a kind of inorganic non-metallic materials, non-metallic minerals are derived from non-metallic minerals and rocks. They have a wide range of sources and outstanding functionality. They are widely used in refractory materials, building materials industry, plastics industry, paper industry, coating industry, oil drilling, etc.

Technical Index

Industry Materials Fineness
Plastic industry Calcite 800~2500 mesh
Refractory Magnesite 1000~2000 mesh
Paper industry Calcite 400~1000 mesh
Coating industry Heavy calcium carbonate 325~1250 mesh
Oil drilling Barite 200~325 mesh
Building materials Coal gangue 80~120 mesh

Project Case

Calcite Grinding By LUM1125 And SCM1250 For Plastic

Material: Calcite

Uses: Plastic

Equipment: LUM1125 ultra-fine vertical mill

Graphite Grinding By MTW110 Mill For Refractory Material

Material: Graphite

Uses: Refractory

Equipment: MTW110 Trapeizum Mill

Diatomite Grinding By Raymond Mill,4-5 TPH For Paper Industry

Material: Diatomite

Uses: Paper

Equipment: MTW110 Trapeizum Mill

Marble Grinding By PC4008-75 Mill For Coating

Material: Marble

Uses: Coating

Equipment: PC4008-75 Mill

Barite Grinding By MTW175 Mill For Oil Drilling In Mexico

Material: Barite

Uses: Oil Drilling

Equipment: MTW175 Mill

Limestone Grinding By MTW175,200,000TPY For Construction

Material: Limestone

Uses: Construction

Equipment: MTW175 Mill

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