How To Increase The Output Of Ultra-fine Powder Mills

How to judge the factors that affect the productivity of the ultra-fine powder mill, firstly analyze the feed particle size factors of the ultra-fine powder mill: The particle size of the feed has a great influence on the output, quality and power consumption of the mill. If the particle size is small, the feed is uniform, it is easy to grind, the output and quality of the mill are also high, and the power consumption is also low; on the contrary, the large particle size and uneven feeding make it difficult to grind, and the output and quality of the mill are low. The consumption is also large. Therefore, the smaller the particle size of the mill, the more beneficial it is to increase the output and quality indicators of the mill. However, reducing the particle size of human grinding materials will be restricted by equipment conditions.

Secondly, the solution to the water content factor of the material in the processing of the ultra-fine powder mill. The moisture of the material entering the mill has a great impact on the output, quality and operation of the mill. The temperature inside the machine is relatively high when the ultra-fine powder mill is grinding materials. If the water content of the grinding material is too large, a lot of water vapor will be generated, which will increase the moisture content of the gas in the mill. Therefore, the fine particles will stick to the grinding body. And the lining plate forms a "material cushion", which significantly reduces the grinding efficiency. In severe cases, the compartment plate and the discharge grate plate holes will be blocked to prevent the material from passing through, resulting in a phenomenon of full grinding. It may even cause a solid "grinding inner ring" and be forced to stop grinding for cleaning.

The moisture of the material entering the mill must be strictly controlled, but the material is too dry and the flow speed in the mill will increase, which will cause the phenomenon of roughness and affect the quality of the product. Keep a small amount of water in the material, which can take away part of the heat when it vaporizes in the mill, which is good for reducing the grinding temperature and improving the grinding efficiency.

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