Calcium Carbonate Powder Be Used As Fertilizer

Can calcium carbonate powder be used as fertilizer for crops and fruits, and how can it be used as fertilizer?

In the growth process of various crops and fruit trees, of course, calcium carbonate powder is certainly not needed. It should be known that calcium carbonate powder is a common stone powder in rural areas. The stone before the powder is limestone or marble. The calcium carbonate stone from the place of origin is the big stone mountain in our eyes. Therefore, with such an explanation, it goes without saying that calcium carbonate powder cannot be used for daily fertilization of crops and fruit trees at present.

Things cannot be absolute. With the development of society, people react with stone powder and certain substances under certain conditions to become tricalcium phosphate, which is the main component of human or animal bones, as long as they are reprocessed together with compost or other farmyard manure. Fermentation, the stone powder at this time can be made into base fertilizer for crops and fruit trees.

In the process of planting crops and fruit trees, rural people generally use lime when applying winter fertilizer every year, which can kill germs and supplement the calcium required by fruit trees. However, the lime commonly used by rural people is the product of calcined limestone.

In short, it is impossible to directly use calcium carbonate powder (stone powder) in the daily fertilization of crops and fruit trees. However, as long as the calcium carbonate powder undergoes a series of reactions, it can become tricalcium phosphate and calcium oxide (lime). Calcium required by crops and fruit trees.

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