What Are The Differences Between Sintering And Pellets

Pellet grade is higher than sinter, sintering is alkaline, pellet is acidic, blast furnace smelting to maintain a certain acid-base balance, so must have both, pellet is beneficial to blast furnace, that is, we usually say "furnace".In addition, the temperature control of pellet roasting is stricter than that of sintering.

The pellet production relies on high temperature roasting, the roasting process can not be directly observed with the naked eye, but sintering with fire directly contact with the material and the production is very intuitive.Sintering requires the addition of cosolvent such as limestone, pellets do not need to be fused, but the additive bentonite powder is required.

Sintering and pellet in the iron and steel smelting process, are an indispensable link.From iron ore to iron concentrate suitable for processing, SBM Grinding Mill is the ideal equipment choice.

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