Activated Carbon Uses

Activated carbon is a porous material with pores and has a large specific surface area and adsorption capacity. It is prepared by carbonizing and activating coconut shell, apricot shell, sawdust and other plants, anthracite, etc. as raw materials.

Application Of Activated Carbon

(1) Application in gas phase adsorption. 

(2) Application in liquid phase adsorption. Activated carbon is mainly used in the liquid phase, including water treatment, food industry decolorization and precious metal recovery. Among them, water treatment is mainly used in three aspects: drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, and industrial water treatment.

(3) Application in environmental protection.

(4) The application of activated carbon in medical treatment.

(5) Catalysis and other applications. Activated carbon itself has catalytic activity and can generally be used alone as a catalyst. It can also be used as a catalyst carrier to support active ions.

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