How Is The Environmental Protection Effect Of Processing Limestone By Grinding Machine

At present, there are many types of grinding models in China. As urban air pollution becomes more and more serious, the autumn and winter haze in China is also continuously increasing. These reasons are mainly caused by the trend of sulfur dioxide pollution caused by energy consumption.Its emissions of sulfur dioxide has been close to the total social emissions of about 50%, which determines the coal emissions of sulfur dioxide control thermal power plant desulfurization emissions is the main breakthrough to control coal sulfur dioxide.

Power plant desulphurization process in our country mainly USES the wet desulphurization, usually using limestone desulfurization method, due to limestone has certain hardness, cannot be conducted directly grinding, so you need to finish mill, through the grinder for grinding materials, grinding materials after became the lime powder, lime powder can be made into slurry as desulfurizer.Desulfurizer can absorb sulfur dioxide from power plants.

Limestone from the mill has many uses. Sulfur dioxide can react with calcium carbonate to form gypsum.This can effectively achieve circular production, environmental protection at the same time, can be very good to achieve production benefits.Flour milling machine can process different kinds of stone, especially the desulfurized limestone powder processing, Shanghai Shibang Machinery (Short for SBM) production of milling machine has low operating costs, crushing, drying, grinding, grading transmission in a body, the system is simple, compact layout, product stable quality, convenient operation and maintenance, energy saving, environmental protection, such as pollution-free advantages.

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