Bentonite Milling Production Line

Material: bentonite

Finished product size: 600-1000 mesh

Setting configuration: jaw crusher, bucket elevator, Raymond mill, electronic vibrating feeder  etc.

Project Case

The limestone processing plant is mainly engaged in limestone grinding and processing. It has a large scale and has an independent production base. It has been engaged in limestone grinding for more than ten years. The aging of the equipment in the early stage is not high. Finally,purchase a limestone milling production line in our company. 

Milling process

First, the large limestone minerals are crushed into a certain size particle by a jaw crusher and a counter crusher, and then the crushed limestone particles are lifted into a Raymond mill by a bucket elevator for milling. The user can adjust and control the discharge granularity of the equipment according to the requirements of the size of the limestone. After that, the ground limestone is sent to the powder collector, and the powder collector returns the unqualified material to the Raymond mill. Re-grinding, the required limestone is sent to the finished product pile for packaging.



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