EPC Power Plant Desulfurization Project In India

Custom Background

The multinational group company has a glorious history in the iron and steel industry for more than 100 years. This time, it cooperated with SBM on the desulfurization stone powder project. The customer purchased 3 sets of MTW138 European trapezium mills.

Design Scheme

Project Case


The short construction period and the rainy weather make construction more difficult.

Tower structure with high vertical distance.

EPC project, resource coordination is difficult.


Combined with the various needs of customers, the tower-type design is adopted, with a total height of about 25 meters and three parallel units. The overall process is simple and the degree of automation is high; the entire system is operated under negative pressure, and the dust does not overflow to ensure cleanliness; at the same time, the chemical composition of the finished product is stable, the particle size is uniform, and the product fineness is adjustable, which can be well filled with flue gas desulfurization The proper limestone powder is needed to improve the desulfurization efficiency.
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