500TPH Gravel Aggregate Production Line

Customer Background

The client's investment this time is to build a fine sand aggregate production line in the industrial park planned by the government to produce local high-speed rail construction materials and railroad ballast. Because the production line is located in an industrial park, the customer's selection criteria for the manufacturer are zero pollution, no noise, no dust, and meet national regulations. After inspection and comparison of many domestic manufacturers, the customer finally chose SBM.

Design Scheme

Project Benefits

1. Clean and environmentally friendly, zero pollution emission

The production line  is equipped with workshops and sewage treatment systems, which effectively control noise, water pollution and achieve zero pollution emissions. 

2. according to local conditions, segmented design

It is not only conducive to obtaining materials locally, but also solves the customer's need to produce stone in the industrial park under strict government supervision. 

3. High-quality aggregate with high added value

The core equipment and solutions are provided by the professional sand and stone equipment company - SBM. The equipment quality is reliable, and the exquisite process ensures the quality of the finished product.

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