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CI5X impact crusher

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In order to meet the needs of users for high profit, low cost and energy saving, SBM combined with the company's research and development results to develop a new generation of high-efficiency coarse and medium crusher---CI5X series impact crusher, which is the ideal of traditional equipment.

Product features: Scientific research results integration application, high moment inertia high precision heavy duty rotor

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Impact Crusher in Cement Industry

The impact crusher has been widely used in the production of gravel with its simple structure, light weight, low cost, stable operation, high efficiency and production of better cube aggregate. Being an important part, the rotor although plays an accelerating role in rock materials broken; the stone could be collided and broken only after accelerated in the rotor. It has been founded that the sand production rate, fineness modulus and the life of rotor wearing parts were all influenced by the number of rotor channels in the manufacturing and maintenance for many years of manufacturers.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • Digital processing, higher precision

    Rock lithologies were classi- fied into general categories and conversion factors were determined for each category;

  • Original spare parts supply, worry-free after running

    To provide customers with the full life cycle of technical services and original parts supply services to ensure that every customer has no worries about production.

  • Involute broken cavity design

    The CI5X impact crusher crushing cavity is designed by the simulation software and has been verified by the involute type high-efficiency large crushing cavity design. After the material is crushed by multiple impacts in the cavity type, the grain shape tends to be more cubic, which can satisfy the high Production requirements for quality aggregates.

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