Which Kind Of Grinding Mill Is Used For Grinding Quicklime

Which kind of grinding mill do you use to grind quicklime? Does a Raymond mill grind quicklime? SBM supplies quick lime vertical mill, quick lime Raymond mill and quick lime ultra fine mill, stable performance and easy operation.

The size of final products can be from 80-325mesh and 325-2500mesh.And machine capacity for quicklime is about 0.3-40 tons. The economical type of quicklime Raymond grinding production line is usually recommended,as coarse powder has wide application in many industries. The machine price is customized according to China's national conditions and International standards, and it is suitable for many small and medium-sized enterprises for processing and production.

LM mill is a new environment-friendly high-yielding mill which has been upgraded and transformed by the researchers of SBM after introducing foreign advanced processing technology.LM vertical grinding machine is suitable for long-term investment of large production capacity. It can produce 80 mesh ~400 purpose quick lime powder with more than 40 tons per hour. It is a very good choice to use LM vertical grinding machine.LM vertical pulverizer has low investment, easy maintenance, small floor area, advanced central control, and high degree of automation .In particular, the vertical grinding roller abrasion resistance is high, long use time, compared with Raymond mill with frequent replacement of blade, grinding roller and other wear parts, much less trouble.

Quicklime Ultrafine Grinding

Recommended model for the production of superfine lime powder: 325-2500 mesh.

If the ground quicklime is used to produce fine powder in the range of 80 mesh to 400 mesh, the first and second models mentioned above are enough to meet the production target.But for the production of quicklime powder 600 to 2500 mesh or finer, you have to use an ultrafine pulverizer-SCM serise.SCM super fine vertical mill, has the advantages of wear resistance, save investment, save labor, save land, save production cost,compared with ball mill’s and other solution. There are 5 models of SCM ultra-fine grinding, with production from 1.2 tons/hour to 45 tons/hour.

Use of Quicklime Powder

The function of quicklime is to disinfect, sterilize and improve soil properties.Generally used in pesticide, medicine, desiccant, steel and alcohol dehydration, etc.Especially suitable for pureed food, mushroom, agaric and other local specialties, as well as instruments, medicine, clothing, electronics and telecommunications, leather, textile and other industries products.

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