What Is The Kaolin

Pure kaolin has high whiteness, soft, easily dispersed suspension in the water, good plasticity and high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties; with good acid-soluble, low cation exchange capacity, better fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties. Therefore kaolin is widely used in papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, paints, pharmaceuticals and defense industries, ect. Kaolin has wide application in the paper industry. There are two main areas, one is filler in paper making process, and the other is pigment in used in coating industry.

The Main Purpose Of Kaolin

Kaolin is a new type of rubber filler developed in recent years. Kaolin is widely used in ceramics, rubber, plastics, leather, cement, refractories, chemical and other industries and agriculture, ect. With further development of beneficiation processing, the kaolin will have more applications. Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, ubiquitous in nature. In the past years, it is generally used for ceramics making, refractory materials and filler for plastics and rubber. With the increasing development of the national economy in various fields, people are more and more focusing on deep processing of kaolin, because it can not only obtain new materials with special properties, but also improve economic efficiency. One stern methods of kaolin deep processing is, washing and drying ,then heating, roasting, dehydration, make it into metakaolin, used for plastic cable filler,  to improve cable sheath insulation performance. Common used Footwear rubber filler has two types: inorganic fillers and organic fillers, the former including recycled plastic and recycled materials, the latter including silica, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, carbon black and zinc oxide powder.

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