What Is Sepiolite Used For

Sepiolite is an aqueous magnesium-rich silicate clay mineral with a layered chain structure. Orthophyllite or monoclinic crystal system, generally in the form of a block, earthy or fibrous aggregate. The colours are white, light grey, dark gray, yellowish brown, rose red, light blue-green. The fresh noodles are pearly and earthy after weathering. Hardness 2~3, density 2~2.5g/cm3. Has a slippery and astringent feeling, sticky tongue. Brittle in dry condition. Low shrinkage, good plasticity, larger than surface, strong adsorption. Soluble in hydrochloric acid, light weight. Sepiolite also has the properties of decolorization, heat insulation, insulation, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance and thermal stability. Mainly produced in marine sedimentary-weathered modified deposits; It also occurs in hydrothermal veins. 

Application Prospects

Sepiolite is a fibrous aqueous magnesium silicate, usually white, light gray, light yellow and other colors, opaque and no luster. Some are shaped like dirt blocks, and some are shaped into a strange shell or nodule. Under an electron microscope, you can see that they are made of countless filaments grouped together in a sheet. Sepiolites have a strange feature, when they encounter water, they absorb a lot of water and become soft, and once they dry, they harden again.

Sepiolite is processed into powder and is widely used in chemical, sugar, winemaking, medicine, ion exchanger, purifier, brightener, ceramic, decolorizing agent, construction, sound insulation, coating, rubber, welding rod, solder, light spinning and chemical, catalyst, suspension agent, tobacco and other raw materials processing.

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