What Are The Common And Industrial Uses Of Calcite

1. Calcite has various crystal shapes. The main mineral of limestone, marble and beautiful stalactite is calcite. Travertine can be deposited in spring water, and it is often secondary minerals in igneous rocks. In the almond cavities of basalt flows, the cracks of sedimentary rocks are often filled with calcite to form thin veins, or through biological action, shells or produced in the manner of a rock.

2. Calcite is used as a flux in the metallurgical industry, and is used in the construction industry to produce cement and lime. For use in plastics, paper, toothpaste. Food as a filler additive. When calcite is added in glass production, the resulting glass will become translucent, especially suitable for making glass lampshades.

3. In the five application fields of papermaking, plastics, rubber, cables, paints and coatings, a considerable part still uses light calcium carbonate powder. Light calcium powder is widely used as filler and reinforcing agent in rubber, plastic, PVC pipe, profile, coating, paper, paint, sealant, daily necessities, medicine and feed. Not only can it increase the volume, reduce the cost, but more importantly, it can improve the processing performance of the matrix, and can also play the role of reinforcement, tensile strength, wear resistance, tear resistance, and improve gloss. Therefore, calcium carbonate is not a general filler, but a functional filler. Light calcium carbonate has high whiteness and good fluidity. It is the largest filler for PVC pipes and profiles. It has obvious effects on products such as increasing volume, stabilizing size, heat resistance, smoothness, and gloss, thereby reducing costs and achieving The purpose of improving the quality of products. Because the production process of light calcium powder is complicated, the price is high, and the production of light calcium powder pollutes the environment, the current commercial development trend is to replace light calcium powder with heavy calcium powder as much as possible.

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