Use Of Ground Limestone Powder In Concrete

1. The Use Of Mineral Powder In Concrete

Incorporating an appropriate amount of mineral powder (fine slag powder) can improve the fluidity of concrete, reduce the heat of hydration of cement, increase the impermeability of the concrete, the strength of the later stage, improve the internal structure of the concrete, and increase the impermeability and corrosion resistance. The concrete mixed with ground mineral powder can delay the hydration rate of the cementitious material and prolong the setting time of the concrete. This property is beneficial to the transportation and construction of the concrete in the high temperature season,lower the cost.

2. The Use Of Ground Limestone Powder In Concrete

After ground stone powder (about 100 mesh) replaces fly ash, its working performance has been improved to a certain extent in low, medium and high-strength grade concrete, especially high-strength grade concrete, because the total amount of cementitious materials is relatively high. When using fly ash, its viscosity is relatively large, the degree of expansion is relatively low, and the slump barrel time is longer. When using ground stone powder, this situation of high viscosity is greatly improved, and the concrete flow performance becomes more ideal. . According to analysis, the water requirement ratio of ground stone powder is lower than that of fly ash. Ground stone powder plays a role in reducing water. Therefore, without adjusting the water consumption of concrete, the workability of concrete will inevitably be improved. In addition, the roundness is better. The high stone powder also acts as a micro-ball, reducing the friction between sand and stone, thereby improving the workability of concrete.

3. Limestone Mill

The LM series vertical mill for limestone mills can produce lime powder for concrete mixing stations. The powder can be produced in 100 mesh, 200 mesh and 325 mesh. Because of its strong processing capacity, the vertical mill has obvious advantages in wear resistance, low maintenance costs, and environmental protection, it is a nationally advocated equipment for the future mineral powder processing machinery.

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