Usage of Bentonite

Purified Lithium Bentonite

Mainly applied in foundry coating and color ceramic coating, also applied in emulsion paint and fabric sizing agent.

Purified Sodium Bentonite

1.Applied as foundry molding sand and binder in machinery industry to increase casting accuracy;

2.Applied as filler in paper-making industry to increase product brightness;

3.Applied in white emulsion, floor glue and paste producing for high adhesive property;

4.Applied in water-based paint for steady suspension property and consistence.

5.Applied for drilling fluid.

Cement Bentonite

Applied in cement processing, bentonite can increase product appearance and performance.

Efficient Activated Clay

1.Used for animal and vegetable oil refining, able to remove harmful composition in edible oil;

2.Used for petroleum and mineral refining and purifying;

3.In food industry, used as clarifying agent of wine, beer and juice;

4.Applied as catalyst, filler, drying agent, adsorbent and flocculating agent in chemical industry;

5.Can be applied as chemical defense antidote in national defense and chemical industry. Along with the development of society and science, activated clay will have a wider application.

Calcium Bentonite

Can be applied as foundry molding sand, binder and radioactive waste absorbent;

Also can be used as thinner and pesticide in agriculture.

Analysis On Grinding Mill Models

MTW Trapezium Mill

SCM Ultrafine Mill

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