The Most Practical Vertical Roller Mill Maintenance Manual

Just like other grinding mill machines, Vertical roller mill also needs a regular repair and maintenance after a certain time of working, or it will get decreased service life because of severe wear of important parts.

What Will Cause If You Do Not Make A Regular Maintenance

Many customers know that the grinding rollers and grinding rings are the easy-to-wear parts of the vertical roller mill, which will be worn by the impact of the material during production. Regular maintenance is beneficial to save costs, increase the service life of the mill, and reduce the operating cost of the enterprise.

How To Maintain And Replace Grinding Roller

First: after transporting the new grinding roller and roller sleeve to the site, remove the outer packaging, remove the oil film on the inner processing surface, sand it with sandpaper if there is rust, and then clean it with diesel oil;

Second: roll the grinding roller to make the big end face down, because when packing, the big end of the grinding roller is facing upward;

Next: Clean the contact surface between the grinding roller and the roller sleeve with a steel brush and a grinder, and apply molybdenum disulfide powder;

Then: uniformly heat the new roller sleeve, the main heating part is the inner ring of the vertical contact surface of the roller sleeve, 60℃-70℃;

Finally: lift the new roller cover with a special hoist, level it, and slowly put it on the outside of the grinding roller and fall into place.

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