The Deep Development Of Potassium Feldspar Has Broad Prospects

With the vigorous development of the ceramic industry, the large consumption of potassium feldspar resources makes the reserves of potassium feldspar ore decrease continuously, and the mining cost is increasing. Therefore, the price rise of potassium feldspar is inevitable.

In terms of demand, feldspar minerals account for 30% of the total consumption in the ceramic industry, in addition to being used as raw materials in the glass industry (about 50-60% of the total consumption), and the rest are used in chemical industry, glass flux, ceramic body ingredients, ceramic glaze, enamel raw materials, abrasive tools, glass fiber, electric welding rod and other industries.

Potassium feldspar is widely used in industrial sectors such as ceramic blank, ceramic glaze, glass, electric porcelain, abrasive materials and potassium fertilizer. With the continuous development of science and technology, potassium feldspar is used more and more widely. The demand for potassium feldspar in traditional ceramic and enamel glaze, glass flux, abrasive and other industries is bound to increase greatly. In particular, the huge potential demand for the production of potassium magnesium silicon compound fertilizer and potassium feldspar powder by potassium extraction technology makes the deep development of potassium feldspar have broad prospects.

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