How To Adjust The Spindle Speed Of Raymond Mill

There are three main indicators for the grinding ability of Raymond Mill: spindle speed, grinding roller quality, and grinding roller centrifugal radius. As one of the core components, the spindle speed is directly related to the benefit of Raymond grinding equipment. The same piece of equipment may have different output due to the rotation speed of the spindle.

In the process of using Raymond mill, some customers install inverters by themselves to easily control the spindle speed of Raymond mill.

Precautions for Spindle Operation

1. The feed size is too large. Because different types of Raymond mill can handle the size of the material size is limited, because the feed will have direct contact with the spindle, so if the feed size is large, the number of collisions with the spindle will increase, which will make the spindle The phenomenon of deformation, so it is necessary to control the particle size of the feed.

2. If the Raymond mill is overloaded for a long time when it is in use, it will cause excessive pressure on the spindle, which will gradually cause deformation. Therefore, when the Raymond mill is used, the controller load must be strictly controlled to prevent the occurrence of overload.

3. If the main shaft is rusted, the strength of the main shaft will decrease when the Raymond mill is running and after it rusts, it is prone to deformation, so check the equipment frequently, and be timely for the rust phenomenon Of the rust removal operation.

4. In the production of Raymond mill, metal enters the inside of the equipment when feeding, so the collision phenomenon between metal particles and the spindle will also cause the deformation of the spindle. Therefore, when feeding, check whether there are impurities entering.

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