SCM Super Micron Mill For Talc Grinding

Talc is a hydrothermal alteration mineral. Magnesium rich minerals are often changed into talc by hydrothermal alteration, so talc often presents the illusion of olivine, enstatite pyroxene, amphibole, tremolite and other minerals. Talc is a common silicate mineral. It is very soft and has a greasy feel. People have selected 10 minerals to represent 10 hardness levels, called Mohs hardness. Among these 10 levels, the first (that is, the softest) is talc. Soft talc can replace chalk to draw white marks. Talc is generally massive, leafy, fibrous or radial, and its color is white and gray white, and it will take various colors due to other impurities. Talc has many uses, such as refractory, papermaking, rubber filler, pesticide absorbent, leather coating, cosmetic materials and carving materials

SBM's SCM super micron mill can grind talc into powder 400-2500mesh with good performance.

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