Quicklime Pulverizing Process And Pulverizing Mill

Quicklime, also known as burnt lime, is mainly composed of calcium oxide. Usually, it is prepared by calcining natural rocks whose main component is calcium carbonate at high temperatures to decompose to produce carbon dioxide and calcium oxide.

All natural rocks with calcium carbonate as the main component, such as limestone, chalk, dolomitic limestone, etc., can be used to produce lime. In coastal areas, shells are used as raw materials and burned to make shell ash, which is used as quicklime.

After deep processing, quicklime can increase its added value.

Quicklime Pulverizing Process

Limestone powder can be divided into: building materials, chemical industry, abrasive tools, food, casting and other purposes according to its production purposes. The process flow is divided into two stages:

The first stage is the main process of crushing operation: limestone raw ore → vibrating feeder → jaw crusher → bucket elevator → raw material warehouse → impact crusher → bucket elevator → impact crusher (cone crusher).

One stage is the limestone powdering process, the main processes are: ultra-fine mill → bucket elevator → conveyor → clinker bin cooling → storage → finished product. Among them, the grinding process is particularly critical.

Quicklime Pulverizing Equipment

The MTW European version of the mill adopts multiple patented technologies such as bevel gear integral transmission, internal thin oil lubrication system, and arc-shaped air duct. It has high grinding efficiency and is a replacement product for traditional Raymond mills and pendulum mills. It is widely used It is used in power plant desulfurization, large-scale non-metallic mineral pulverization, building materials and chemical industries.

The finished product of MTW European version mill is 250 mesh, 5t/hour or more, which meets the requirements of rare earth preparation.

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