Process Design Scheme Of 600 Mesh Biochar Mill

Production Line Process Design Of 600 Mesh Biochar Mill

The production line process design equipment of 1000 mesh biochar mill includes crushing equipment, feeder, hopper, storage tank, air duct, high-pressure fan, (bamboo charcoal, coconut shell, carbonized corn stalk) biochar mill host, selection The installation layout design of powder machine, dust collector, dust collector and packaging machine, among which equipment selection model is an important part.

The 600-mesh ring roller mill of bamboo charcoal ultra-fine pulverizer was successfully put into production: SCM Superfine grinding mill Zhejiang customer production line

In early October 2018, SCM Superfine grinding mill production line of SBM Bamboo Charcoal Superfine Mill purchased by Zhejiang Province was successfully put into use for production. According to customer requirements, the bamboo charcoal powder reaches 600 meshes, and the output is about 1 ton per hour. Case report: 600-mesh ring roller mill of bamboo charcoal ultra-fine mill was successfully put into production.

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