Mica Uses And Application Area

What Is Mica Used For

Mica is a rock-making mineral, usually in the form of pseudohexagonal or diamond-shaped plate,flaky, columnar crystals. The color varies with the change of chemical composition, mainly with the increase of Fe content and becomes darker. Mica is characterized by insulation, high temperature resistance, glossiness, stable physical and chemical properties, good thermal insulation, elasticity and toughness, and the performance of being stripped into elastic transparent sheets. The most used in industry is muscovite, followed by golden mica. It is widely used in building materials industry, fire fighting industry, fire extinguishing agent, welding rod, plastic, electrical insulation, papermaking, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigments and other chemical industries.

In Which Products Mica Is Used

In industry, it is mostly used in muscovite, followed by golden mica. It is used in the building materials industry, fire protection industry, fire extinguishing agent, welding rod, plastics, electrical insulation, papermaking, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigments and other chemical industries.

Ultra-fine mica powder is used as a functional filler such as plastics, coatings, paints, rubber, etc., which can improve its mechanical strength, enhance toughness, adhesion anti-aging and corrosion resistance.

In addition to the properties of electrical insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, elasticity, toughness and sliding, heat resistance and sound insulation, and small coefficient of thermal expansion, it also took the lead in introducing the characteristics of smooth surface, large diameter-to-thickness ratio, regular morphology, and strong adhesion of the second sheet.

Industry mainly uses its insulation and heat resistance, as well as acid resistance, alkali resistance, pressure resistance and stripping, as an insulation material for electrical equipment and electrical equipment;

It is secondly used to manufacture steam boilers, furnace windows and parts on machinery.

Mica crushed and mica powder can be processed into mica paper, or can be used instead of mica flakes to make a variety of insulation materials with low cost and uniform thickness.

Why Is Mica Valuable

Mica has high insulation strength and large resistance, low dielectric loss and anti-arc, corona resistance and other dielectric properties, and hard texture, high mechanical strength, resistance to high temperature and temperature changes and has good physicochemical properties such as acid and alkali resistance, therefore, for the radio industry, aviation industry, motor manufacturing, it is also used in coatings, paints, plastics, linoleum, papermaking, oilfield drilling, decorative makeup and other industries,

In the paint can reduce ultraviolet or other light and heat damage to the paint film, increase the acid resistance of the coating, Alkali and electrical insulation properties, improve the frost resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness and compactness of the coating, reduce the air permeability of the coating, and prevent spots and cracks.

Mica powder can also be used in roofing materials, rainproof warmth, heat insulation, etc., mica powder and mineral wool resin paint mixed, can be used for concrete, stone, brick exterior wall decoration, mica crushed for linoleum, pipe mortar, cementing agent;

In rubber products, mica powder can be used as a lubricant, delaminant, and as a filler for electrical insulation and heat-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant products.

Mica can also be made of mica paper, mica plate, mica ceramics, pearlescent mica pigments, mica casting products and so on.

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