How To Remove Rust On The Surface Of Limestone Vertical Mill

To derust the surface of limestone vertical mill, we can start from the following points:

1. Apply anti-oxidation paint on the surface of limestone vertical mill. The surface of the iron products of the vertical mill is coated with a layer of mineral oil, paint, etc., and the surface of the steel is plated with a layer of metal that is not easy to rust, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc., by electroplating, hot-dip plating, etc. These substances can form a dense oxide film on the metal surface of the mill, thereby effectively isolating the equipment from contact with water, air and other substances.

2. Use chemical reaction method to remove rust for limestone vertical mill. Sometimes in order to remove the rust on the surface of the vertical mill, we can use the method of chemical reaction between acid and metal oxide to achieve the effect of removing the rust product on the metal surface of the mill, that is, the so-called pickling and rust removal method. It should be noted here that this chemical descaling method is only suitable for operation in the workshop.

3. For limestone vertical mills, high-pressure water abrasives are used to remove rust, that is, the impact of high-pressure water jets and the action of water prying are used to destroy the adhesion of rust and coatings to steel plates. This rust removal method not only avoids dust pollution, but also does not cause damage to the steel plate, which greatly improves the rust removal efficiency and quality of the vertical mill. However, the steel plate after rust removal with high-pressure water abrasive is easy to rust, and special wet rust removal paint needs to be painted, which has a great impact on the coating of general performance paint.

4. Small pneumatic or electric rust removal. This rust removal method is powered by electricity or compressed air, equipped with appropriate rust removal devices, and performs reciprocating or rotating motions to meet the rust removal requirements of various occasions. SBM Machinery vertical mill manufacturer reminds everyone that this rust removal method can roughen the coating, but it cannot achieve good surface treatment quality, and the work efficiency is low.

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