How To Reduce The Noise Of Grinding Mill

When the mill is in production, it is inevitable that there will be some noise. If sometimes the noise is too loud, you need to understand the cause

If it is the shock of the main machine of the grinding mill, the trouble should be eliminated first. First look at the anchor bolts and tighten the bolts; secondly, check that the feed speed is not too small, and the feed size should be adjusted in time; the second is to check the wear level of the blades, the blades will cause serious wear and cannot be affordable, production materials, Finally, check that the grinding ring of the grinding mill is not deformed. In order to check that the grinding mill is too noisy, it must be operated safely to prevent accidents.

If it is easy to solve the vibration of the grinding mill fan, there are two main reasons for the vibration of the fan. One is that the foot bolts are loose. You can tighten the bolts by sight. The other is that there is a certain amount of dust on the blades, or not. Even wear, resulting in unbalanced rotating blades driving the fan's vibration, in this case, remove the dust or replace the blade.

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