How To Produce High-quality Bentonite Clay

With the continuous expansion of the use of bentonite, the demand for bentonite is rising, how to produce high-quality bentonite clay?

When bentonite is used in various feeds and additives, the fineness of the finished product is mostly below 200 mesh. When used in papermaking and other fields, the required fineness of the finished product is between 200 mesh and 325 mesh. At this time, SCM ultrafine mill can be used.

Equipment Advantages

Optimize the main grinding equipment, perfect compatibility with different hardness materials

SCM ultrafine mill adopts a heavy-type grinding design, which not only improves the grinding efficiency but also effectively extends the service life of the grinding device. At the same time, it can efficiently grind bentonite materials of different hardness, which can realize one machine for multiple purposes.

High classification accuracy, wide adjustment range of finished product granularity

SCM ultrafine mill adopts frequency conversion to adjust the speed, which can realize the adjustment of the fineness of the finished product between 80-600 mesh. At the same time, it is equipped with two analysis machines for customers to choose, which can realize coarse powder, medium fine powder and 200 mesh or more. Precise classification of ultra-fine powder. It can meet the production requirements of bentonite with different finenesses and efficiently meet the production requirements of customers.

Clean and environmentally friendly

By using the bypass powder collector, the pressure loss of the powder collector is reduced, and the dust collection effect is better. The equipment structure is optimized, and there is no dust leakage during the operation of the equipment. The residual air adopts a pulse bag dust collector, which can realize fast dust removal and create a clean working space.

The chemical industry generally requires high fineness of bentonite, mostly above 325 mesh or even as high as thousands of mesh. At this time, high fineness processing can be carried out by LUM ultrafine vertical mill.

Equipment Advantages

Low cost, high output

LUM ultrafine vertical mill introduces advanced science and technology and optimizes the structure setting. Under the condition of the same product fineness and motor power, it has less investment and lower cost than other mills, but the output is more than doubled. It is fine powder and superfine powder. Optimal equipment in the production field.

long lasting

The magic rings of LUM ultrafine vertical mill is all forged with special materials, which are not easy to wear and have a long service life. This greatly saves the time for customers to stop maintenance and improves the economic benefits of customers.

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