How To Avoid Serious Wear Of The Spares Of The Raymond Mill

During the grinding production of Raymond mill, there are some normal phenomena of wear, because when Raymond mill is processing materials, there will be some friction between parts and materials, and between parts and parts. Over time, some damage will inevitably occur. Once the components of the Raymond mill are severely worn, it will inevitably affect the smooth progress of the milling operation. So, how can we prevent the wear of Raymond mill components?

1. When the Raymond pulverizer grinds the material, it mainly realizes the operation through the shoveling of the shovel blade and the rolling of the grinding roller and grinding ring. In this process, the blade, grinding roller, and grinding ring will directly contact the material. This will accelerate the wear rate of the components. In order to prevent excessive wear of these accessories, the first thing to do is to strictly control the hardness and particle size of the feed. Because the higher the hardness and the larger the particle size of the material, the stronger the wear ability of the wearing parts during work.

2. In order to slow down the wear of Raymond mill parts, when we choose the grinding equipment, we should buy the parts with good wear resistance, high hardness and strong corrosion resistance when we choose the materials of these vulnerable parts. In order to ensure a good milling efficiency, to ensure that the accessories of the Raymond mill can be durable.

3. In the production of Raymond pulverizer, there will be some friction between various parts. At this time, we need to do a good job of lubricating the connection points and lubrication points of the components. For example, the lubricating oil should be changed regularly to ensure good lubrication effect for each connection part.

4. Because Raymond pulverizers are mostly working in places where the working environment is relatively harsh, when Raymond pulverizers are working, the lubricating oil will inevitably be affected by dust and impurities, which will cause the lubricant to be contaminated, thereby greatly reducing its Lubrication effect. For this situation, after the completion of the Raymond mill, clean up work should be done in time, and the contaminated lubricating oil should be replaced, and the heavily contaminated bearings should also be cleaned.

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