How To Adjust The Fineness Of The Raymond Mill

The fineness of the material is the key to grinding. The high-fineness of the powder is processed by the Raymond grinding machine, and a certain degree of fineness adjustment is required to better ensure the quality of the material.

1. First, you need to have a detailed understanding of the working principle of the Raymond mill, and operate in accordance with a certain operation method

2. Pay attention to the parts outside the main machine, especially the important grinding parts such as grinding rollers and grinding rings.

3. In the application of the powder separator, pay attention to the size of the gap of the powder separator, and coordinate the effect of the dust collector and the powder making.

4. Reasonably adjust the size of the motor, the motor drives the rotating blades to form a rotating vortex, and the rising powder is stopped and sorted according to the particle size.

5. Regulate the rotating speed of the blades of the powder separator. The speed of the blades is closely related to the fineness of the corresponding materials. The fineness is mainly adjusted by the speed of the blades.

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