How Is Barite Grinding Processed

The dried bentonite ore after natural drying or drying treatment is ground into powder by suitable mill equipment. Raymond mill is generally recommended to grind the finished product, and the fineness is generally between 80-400 mesh.

This kind of product is called "ordinary calcium bentonite", which can only be used as feed additive, fertilizer binder, low-grade castings, iron ore pellets and other industries. This kind of production process is relatively simple.

The fineness of the semi-finished bentonite after grinding shall be tested to see whether it meets the fineness requirements of relevant products, and the raw materials that do not meet the fineness requirements shall be ground again.

If the fineness test is qualified, a comprehensive test shall be carried out to test the montmorillonite content, particle size, heavy metal content, harmful substances and water content of the product. The montmorillonite products that are qualified shall be packaged and stored. If they are unqualified, they shall be returned to the principle storage area for reprocessing.

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