Factors Affecting the Grinding Efficiency of Ball Mills

1. Speed ​​of rotation. The rotation speed is an important parameter that directly affects the grinding efficiency of the ball mill. When the rotation rate is too low, the impact on the material will be small, which will lead to substandard fineness, thus affecting the grinding efficiency; when the rotation rate is too high, the impact energy of the steel ball will increase, but the cycle The number of times has dropped, which will also affect the grinding efficiency;

2. Grinding medium. As the main grinding medium of the ball mill, steel balls should not only control the amount of steel balls but also control their ratio. If the amount of steel balls added is inappropriate, and the ball diameter and ratio are unreasonable, the grinding efficiency will be reduced. In the grinding process, the larger the ball diameter, the larger the impact wear and the smaller the grinding wear; the smaller the ball diameter, the smaller the impact wear and the larger the grinding wear. When the ball diameter is too large, the number of loads in the cylinder is reduced, the grinding area of ​​the ball charge is small, and the wear of the liner and the consumption of the ball will increase. If the ball diameter is too small, the buffering effect of the material will increase, and the impact grinding effect will be weakened;

3. Wear-resistant lining. The liner of the ball mill not only reduces the damage to the cylinder, but also transfers energy to the grinding media. Choosing a high-quality wear-resistant liner can reduce barrel damage and improve grinding efficiency.

4. Material bed. SBM manufacturer reminds everyone that if the material level affects the filling rate, it will affect the grinding effect of the ball mill.

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