Application Of Bentonite In Wastewater Treatment

The modified bentonite can remove heavy metal ions, aromatic compounds, toxic and refractory organic compounds in water, and also has the functions of decolorization, dephosphorization and deodorization.

1.Removal Of Heavy Metal Ions

The removal of heavy metal ions in water by bentonite is based on the cation exchange between montmorillonite layers and heavy metal ions in water. The larger the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of modified bentonite, the stronger the ability of removing heavy metal ions

2. Removal Of Organic Pollutants

Bentonites have stronger ability to remove organic pollutants than activated bentonites. This is because, firstly, bentonites can use the nonpolar fatty chain end of quaternary ammonium ions to dissolve (extract) organic matter, and secondly, the adsorbed organic matter molecules can increase the interlayer spacing of montmorillonite and further adsorb organic matter between montmorillonite layers.

The current research has shown that bentonite as a sewage treatment agent has many advantages: rich reserves, cheap and easy to get, simple activation modification method, can remove inorganic and organic pollutants in water; It has high chemical and biological stability

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