Anthracite Properties And Anthracite Vertical Mill

Anthracite, commonly known as white coal or red coal. It is the most coalified coal. Anthracite has high fixed carbon content, low volatile yield, high density, high hardness, high ignition point and no smoke during combustion. Black, hard and metallic. Friction with grease will not cause pollution, the fracture is shell shaped, and the flame is short and less smoke during combustion. No coking. Generally, the carbon content is more than 90% and the volatile matter is less than 10%. No glial layer thickness. The calorific value is about 6000-6500 kcal / kg. Sometimes it is called semi anthracite if the content of volatile matter is very large; Extra small is called high anthracite.

SBM’s vertical mill can process anthracite in good performance 100-325mesh. 

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