Analysis On Market Investment Prospect Of Clay

Clay minerals are widely distributed in rocks and soils all over the world. The world bentonite resources are more than 1.3gt, mainly distributed in the United States and Canada. Kaolin reserves are about 1.6gt, mainly distributed in China, the United States, the Soviet Union, Mexico, Spain and other countries.

With the development of technology, paper clay is more delicate, lighter and more viscous. It can make more fine handicrafts, and color paper clay appears. This clay has been popular since the 1970s and is usually used in children's sculpture classes. It has become a popular hand kneading material, and many created works have become fashionable decoration and have been integrated into daily life.

The development of new wall materials with industrial waste residue and other non clay as the main raw materials and the active promotion of energy-saving buildings are effective ways to effectively protect cultivated land resources, improve building functions and living comfort, and promote the product structure adjustment, industrial optimization and upgrading of wall materials and the technological progress of the construction industry. For every 10000 yuan increase in the output value of the construction industry, at least 35000 yuan of building materials products will be consumed. 

At present, the development of green buildings characterized by "energy saving, material saving, water saving, land saving and environmental protection" must provide reliable support for green building materials characterized by "energy saving, emission reduction, safety, comfort and recyclability".

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