Alumite Uses And Resource Distribution

Alum is a widely distributed tripartite sulfate mineral that we are familiar with. In addition, alum stone can also be used to make potassium fertilizer, sulfuric acid, and can also be used to smelt aluminum. Alum is generally blocky or earthy, its crystals are not obvious, it is a cryptocrystalline mineral. If pure, it should be white, but after containing impurities, it is light gray, light red, light yellow or reddish brown, glass luster, and medium bottom surface cleavage. Na often replaces K, and its content exceeds K when it is called natroalunite or sodium alumite, and sometimes there are a small amount of Fe3+ instead of Al3+. Easily soluble in water and hydrochloric acid, completely decomposed in alkaline solution.

Resource Distribution

China's Zhejiang Cangnan, Anhui Lujiang and Fujian Zhouning Cretaceous volcanic rocks have a large number of outputs, of which Zhejiang proven reserves account for more than 50% of the country, especially Wenzhou Cangnan Alum Mountain, reserves of 167 million tons. Contains pure alum stone 45.4% to 47.71%.

Alumite has been widely used in Europe to make potassium alum and has been mined for this purpose since the 15th century. The large deposits are near Beregovo in Ukraine, Almeria in Spain and Bullah Delah in New South Wales, Australia.

What Is Alumite Used For

Alumite is used in manufacturing, chemical industry, food industry, agriculture, chemical industry, environmental protection and health industry, used in printing, papermaking, tanning, paint and other industries, but also used as a mordant for dyeing cloth, tanning and film hardener, catalyst for synthetic ammonia, sugar and water clarifier, precipitant for mineral processing, etc.,was used as a raw material for potassium (during World War I) and as a raw material for alumina (during World War II); It has been widely used in Europe to make potassium alum and has been mined for this purpose since the 15th century.

Most industrial alumite requires high potassium content, so potassium alum is more industrial than sodium alum, and the potassium content of alumite used to extract alumina has no impact, because the alumina content of potassium alum and sodium alum is almost the same.

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Alumite Uses And Resource Distribution