Advantages And Configuration Of Barite Powder Equipment

1. Advantages of barite powder making equipment

The new type of barite powder MTW mill adopts a maintenance-free grinding roller assembly and a new plum frame structure. The equipment has higher operating reliability and convenient maintenance; the amount of shovel is large, and the new large shovel is used to send a large amount of material Grind between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The output is high. This model is improved on the basis of the MTM mill, the system is upgraded, the configuration is more reasonable, and the output is higher. The classification accuracy is high. The classifier adopts a built-in large blade cone turbine classifier, and the particle size of the finished product can be adjusted arbitrarily within 80-400 mesh. Large conveying capacity: The blower adopts a high-pressure centrifugal fan, and the air volume and pressure are increased, which greatly improves the pneumatic conveying capacity. The design structure layout is advanced and reasonable, and the grinding ring can be replaced without disassembly.

2. Main machinery of barite powder making equipment

(1) Main machinery of barite powder making equipment

The main machinery includes crushers, hoists, feeders, barite mills, fans, powder separators, dust collectors, packaging machines and other machinery and equipment.

(2) Main machinery of barite sand powder equipment

In order to meet the market demand, SBM self-developed barite sand powder integrated machine is a set of sand powder integrated machine developed by SBM to meet the needs of customers who need to make powder and sand at the same time without increasing the cost. The money invested in a system can produce two kinds of materials, and the greatly saved funds can produce two kinds of products demanded by the market.

The main machinery of the barite powder equipment is equipped with a sand discharging device on the basis of the main machinery of the barite powdering equipment, and the sand outlet at the bottom of the mill is configured to precipitate sand, forming a set of energy-saving and cost-saving integrated silt sand process production line.

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