2020 SBM After-service Journey Of Grinding Mill Plant Line Of Jiangsu Province

Go to the customers and listen to their truest voice... More than ten days have passed since the official launch of the SBM Mill Quality China Miles in 2020. With enthusiasm and original intentions, several return visit teams of Mills are rushing to each other. Service on the road.

Up to now, the first branch of the mill quality China line-the first stop of the Jiangsu line return visit has successfully concluded. During this period, the return visit group composed of engineers and business managers dispatched by the mill marketing department has paid return visits to multiple customer sites , And inspect and record the operation of each on-site mill in detail, and solve the problems reflected by customers during the operation. Let’s take a look! 

Model´╝ÜMTW138 mill plant

Project Info

Custom Feedback

"We purchased the European version of the mill equipment from SBM. The equipment has been in operation for two years since it was put into production. The roller and grinding ring are durable and have not been replaced once so far. The quality visit to China is an activity that truly considers customers and actually solves customer problems. , I hope it can continue!"

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