MTW Trapezium Mill Used In Fly Ash Grinding

Fly ash particles emitted from the combustion of fuel (mainly coal). The particle size is generally between 1 and 100 μ M. Also known as fly ash or ash. Fine solid particles in flue gas ash produced by fuel combustion. For example, the fine ash collected from flue gas in coal-fired power plants. Fly ash is formed when pulverized coal enters the furnace at 1300-1500 ℃ and is cooled after being absorbed by hot surface under the condition of suspension combustion.

Due to the surface tension, most of the fly ash is spherical with smooth surface and small pores. Some of them collide with each other in the melting state and become honeycomb particles with rough surface and more edges and corners. The chemical composition of fly ash is related to coal composition, coal particle size, boiler type, combustion condition and collection mode. The emission of fly ash is directly related to the ash content in coal combustion.

According to the situation of coal consumption in China, about 250-300kg fly ash can be produced by burning 1t coal. If a large amount of fly ash is not controlled or treated, it will cause air pollution, and the river will be silted when it enters the water. Some of the chemical substances are harmful to biology and human body.SBM’s vertial mill and MTW roller mill can grind fly ash in good performance. 

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