Anhui Lime Mill Production Line With A Daily Output Of 2000 Tons

Project Introduction

The local government requires traditional lime kilns to be upgraded to reduce the generation of pollutants and improve efficiency. In response to the government's transformation, the project upgrades the original production process and builds 8 environmentally friendly automatic steel sleeve shaft kilns, etc.;  The products gradually changed from lump ash to powder ash, further increasing the added value of the product.

Design Scheme

Project Benefits

1. Advanced technology and automated production

MTW European trapezoidal mill adopts a number of advanced technologies such as bevel gear integral transmission, and adopts a centralized control system with high automation level and stable performance, which has reached the international advanced level.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

Low energy consumption, simple and convenient maintenance, and reduced production costs; equipped with professional dust removal equipment, the site is clean and conforms to national environmental protection standards.

3. High output and good quality

The project has a daily output of 2,000 tons, which fully guarantees the market demand of customers. In addition, the processing fineness can be adjusted to ensure that the fineness of the finished powder is uniform and stable, and the finished product has high precision.


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